Random Clever Person (INT)

Even if at the moment you don’t see any opportunity, we are always looking for clever people to widen our talent pool!

Full Time/ Part time/Contractor

Get to know us!

Budapest Makery is a fast growing startup franchise starting in Budapest with a special gastro concept. The guests choose and make their own dishes helped by our colleagues and the video application. The Makery is a community project, not a cooking school, so we need you in the kitchen as well like any other restaurant.

Apply if you have experience in any of the fields below:

  • Anything related to gastro (innovation)
  • Project management
  • Online Marketing ( experience in international expansion is a plus)
  • PR
  • Hosting events/ holding trainings
  • IT development 
  • Any area you convince us that can be useful for Makery

What we offer:

  • flexible working hours
  • an opportunity to take part in a unique and special concept
  • dedicated team 
  • competitive salary
  • learning and development opportunities
  • visits to other franchise units (currently Vienna, Bratislava)
  • taking part in creating new dishes
  • and many more depending on your future position

If you are interested and figured out how you can help to reach our mission  ,please attach a CV below and a cover letter to your application describing why you would like to work with us!

We’ll get back to you as soon as a position opens up!  Work with us, Makey is waiting for you.

Random Clever Person (INT)