Special Restaurant Unit for Sale in the Heart of Wien

Inner Stadt of Wien!

Great Location!

  • Viennese Inner City right across Schottenring U 
  • 9 minute walking distance from Schwedenplatz

Perfect capacity for Events!

  • 50 people in total

  • 24 seats for cooking

  • Total 110 m2 guest area

Unique Interior!

  • Well-thought modern design

  • High end technology solutions

  • Friendly interior for staff as well

The Moment we are now...

Makery in Wien

Makery World acquired this unit 18 months ago. We renovated and modernized it and upgraded it to the highest level (electricity, ventilation system, etc.) to meet the needs of our guests. We launched the restaurant in October and made measurable gross during the last few month excluding December and January due to covid restrictions of that time. Looking at the growing numbers we expect very high turnover till the end of the year. We feel this is an ideal moment to put this unit up to the market and hand it over to a partner who will be operating it successfully, while we can focus on the next steps of our international expansion. You can get the benefits of this amazing restaurant unit if you join our network as a Makery franchisee.

If you are interested to get this restaurant with a good deal, keep in touch with us! 

Daniel Vitary 
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
+36 30 618 22 71, 

The Concept

In  Makery,  anyone  can  find  meals  for  upper-medium category  restaurant  prices,  which  include  all  the kitchen  equipment  needed  for  a  carefree  cooking experience. Induction plates are built right in the tables and  the  ovens  are  situated  in  the  kitchen  stations  to help guests prepare their delicious meals.The Makery staff will assist and help guests during the cooking process as well as will take care of washing all the dishes and cleaning the kitchen stations.

The Story of Makery Concept!

Makery is the first Do-It-Yourself restaurant in the world, with a full coverage software ecosystem. Here, guests can order and cook their own meals, having fun in the meantime. This makes Makery a unique and unforgettable interactive experience for guests.

2017 . . . . 

First Makery opening

It has all begun with the opening of the first restaurant in Budapest. In the first year, Makery was already cash flow positive and got a rapidly growing demand for its services. Until now, Makery Budapest has 5.0 stars by Facebook reviews, which is a great proof and validation for the secret sauce, Makery’s working method.

2019 . . . . 

Franchise and Software Licensing

Looking at the amazing revenue numbers, great visitor reviews and the well-working method, we stepped forward and established the international team of Makery. From 2019 we are selling Franchise and Software License for selected premium partners.

2021 . . . . 

Makery comes to Vienna! 

This year we proudly welcomed our first Franchisees in the Makery family. Together with our brand-new Viennese Restaurant we now operate restaurants in Bratislava and Budapest.

What is a DIY Restaurant?

Makery follows the unique “Upside – Down restaurant concept”

Here you can make your own food from the menu with the help of a video guide on a tablet in a friendly, creative atmosphere with your partner, family, friends or colleagues.

While you are enjoying the cooking process, the Makery staff does all the boring work for you (like preparing the ingredients, cutting and cleaning afterwards).

Call us now if you would like to buy this amazing restaurant or learn more about the Makery franchise concept ​

Daniel Vitary 
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
+36 30 618 22 71 

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