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A unique creative social experience for everyone!

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What is Makery?

Makery is an upside-down restaurant, where guests cook for themselves and happily pay for it. The World’s first DIY restaurant franchise offers a creative community occasion, through which everyone can cook with their partner, family, friends or colleagues and return home with a long lasting experience.

What do you get?

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Why is it awesome with us?

You can participate in an active community occasion which is unique in the world, and have the experience of cooking together for regular restaurant price and duration.

How does the experience happen? 

Who is Makery for?

Everyone! All of us loves to participate in a pleasant occasion among nice people and share the joy of creation with their friends or family.

For couples who desire more than an uneventful evening and would like get a memorable experience.

For families who would like to take part in a great event together with kids, grandparents in a cheerful mood.

For friends who are open to a creative ‘get together and cook’ party, to where you don’t have to bring anything just yourselves.

For colleagues who would like to strenghten the team spirit on a truly unique team building session.

Our story

Let’s start at the very beginning, with the fact that humans are creative and social creatures. We love to create and play together. It follows that these experiences are more important than any kind of products. For everyone, a special event is worth more than just food. By now we have reached our world deep within us!

Makery invites you to this world, in which you get rid of your traditional social roles for one night and become part of a unique flow experience where you feel like a child again, who playfully cooks with others and successfully creates their own meals.

Work with Makery!

We are an internationally growing franchise company with a lot of innovation in-house, and a strong customer focus.

There are many reasons why to join the Makery team! It is a unique, innovative gastro concept, you can work flexible hours, there are transfer options between franchise units! Customer experience is in the focus and we believe strongly in the power of teamwork!

Where do we want to get?

We set the goal to share this 5 star rated restaurant experience – which already made a huge success in Budapest – with as many people in as many countries as possible as the World’s leading DIY restaurant brand in the crossroads of gastronomy, tech and experience.

How will we achieve all this?

Makery is the mix of technology and a revolutionary gastronomy concept in which everyone can cook their own meal step by the step with the help of a tablet-based video and from the prepared ingredients. Meanwhile a supporting team in the background is always at hand when needed.

Frequently asked questions

We all love to go out, have fun with friends in clubs, bars. Here at Makery you can have a creative experience with your partner or friends, family, colleagues. Every ingredient is measured and beautifully prepared for you, all you have to do is create your own masterpiece in a novel and rewarding way.

Because you find yourself in a totally new and different restaurant environment, where you can prepare your own food and everyone – regardless of age, cooking expertise – can take part in the process, have fun like when you played Lego in your childhood. But now, with food.
Makery is for everyone who wants to step out of their everyday social role and become a creative social person surrounded by their beloved ones and concentrating only on preparing an awesome meal. All this without the fuss of shopping ingredients and do the washing-up. These are on us.